11 Benefits of Doing B.ed training course (Jobs,Salary,Career,Scope)-Full Details

Importance of B.ed course- Are you looking for making your career in teaching then you are in the right place. Today I will give 11 tips or benefits of doing course also I will cover jobs, salary, career, scope opportunities in this field. Do you have any questions like What is the benefit of the b.ed course? then read this blog carefully. B.ed aspirant will get lots of advantages of a two-year b.ed course after completion of the course. Some people also talk about "Should I get a government job after the b.ed course?" also they ask like after b.ed what should I do? so these are the questions that numerously ask by the students. 

What is B.ed Course?

Bachelor of Education (B.ed) is an undergraduate professional course which helps students to be a teacher in the future. B.ed degree is compulsory for teaching jobs. B.ed course is for those people who want to be a teacher in the future. After the b.ed course, students will be able to apply for teaching jobs in their respective fields. Before going through the process you need to have minimum qualification for this course which is Graduation, On the other hand, candidates must have completed graduation with 45% marks. 

11 Benefits of Doing B.ed training course (Jobs,Salary,Career,Scope)-Full Details

11 Advantages of two-year B.ed course

National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) is a governing body that focuses on teacher's education, classroom program, syllabus design, book design, etc. Every year many universities conducted entrance tests for the B.ed course. The duration of this course is 2 years. This course is mainly for those students who want to pursue their career in teaching. You can get lots of benefits from this course as a good salary, lots of holidays, etc. I am going to discuss in this post that what are the benefits of a 2-year b.ed course? before going to discuss the advantage lets understand about small things which mostly required for the aspirant.

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Eligibility Criteria for B.ed Course

The minimum eligibility criteria for B.ed admission 2019 are most listed below. 
  1. He/She should be an Indian
  2. The aspirant should complete a graduation degree in (Arts/Science/Commerce)from a recognized university.
  3. He/She should be 18 years old
  4. The candidates must have 50% marks in their graduation and master's degrees. (5% relaxation for ST/SC/OBC students)
  5. The candidates should not have any criminal record
  6. The Aspirant should know the national language of the country as well as the regional.

Age Limit for B.ed Course

There is no limit for B.ed and M.ed courses all over India. Some states have their own but generally no age limit for B.ed aspirant. 

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Duration of B.ed Course

Earlier the duration of the B.ed course was one year in some states it was 4 years but now it has been increased to two years. This course is in regular mode as well as distance mode. 

Subject Studied in B.ed Curse

A lot of important topics to be studied in the B.ed course are listed below.
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Childhood and Growing up
  • Child Pedagogy
  • Education, Culture and Human Values
  • Educational Evaluation and Assesment 
  • Holistic Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Guidance and counseling
These are the most important topic which you need to study in the B.ed course.

Modes of Learning 

Bachelor of Education (B.ed)is mainly available in two modes they are-
  1. Regular Basic
  2. Distance mode

B.ed Syllabus

1- Paper 1
Philosophical and Sociological basis of education 

2-Paper 2
The Learner- Nature and Development

3-Paper 3 
Teaching-Learning Process

4-Paper 4
(A)School Management (B) Computer Education

5-Paper 5
(A) Guidance and Counseling
(B)Any one of the following option
  • Health and Physical education
  • Comparative Education
  • Population Education
  • Yoga Education
  • School Library Services
  • Adult and Continuing Education
  • Education of Children with special needs
  • Distance Education and Open learning
  • Environmental Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Elementary Education
  • Women Education and Indian Society
  • Co-Curricular Activity in School
  • E-Education resource development
6-Paper VI and VII Methodology of Teaching (Any Two)
  1. Teaching of English
  2. Teaching of Hindi
  3. Teaching of Sanskrit
  4. Teaching of History
  5. Teaching of Geography
  6. The teaching of Social Study
  7. Teaching of Economics
  8. Teaching of commerce
  9. Teaching of Mathematics
  10. Teaching of Science
  11. The teaching of life science
  12. The teaching of physical science
  13. The teaching of Home Science
  14. The teaching of Fine arts
  15. Teaching of Music
  16. Teaching of Education
  17. The teaching of Political Science
  18. The teaching of Computer Science
  19. Teaching of sociology
  20. The teaching of public administration

Practical Course

  • School Internship
  • Simple Expressional Competency
  • Health and Sports program
  • Work Experience Programme(Community Work, Co-Curricular Activity)

Top 10 best Jobs opportunity for B.ed students

It's not easy to get a job in this century especially after B.ed course. Today I will give you a list of jobs that may helpful for b.ed students. B.ed students should go to these fields they are-

  1. Teacher
  2. Principal
  3. Instructor
  4. Syllabus Designer
  5. Administrator
  6. Counceller
  7. Librarian
  8. Education Researcher
  9. Private Tutor
  10. Librarian
I think these jobs are suitable for B.ed students because these jobs will pay lots of money as well as respect.

Should I Get Government Jobs After the completion of the B.ed course?

This is obvious for students who had already completed the b.ed course and did not get any jobs. These days getting a job after b.ed course its like a miracle but here is the solution. If you wondering what is the solution then this post is for you. Employment area of B.ed students.

Here is the list of jobs that may suitable for B.ed students
  • Private Tutor
  • Home Tutor
  • Coaching Center
  • Education Consultancies
  • Teacher
  • Education Department
  • Publishing Houses
  • Educational Research and Development Agencies
  • Freelancing

Bachelor of Education (B.ed)Median Salary by Jobs

Looking for a salary of B.ed college lecture in India then you are in the best place. 

salary of B.ed college lecture

Here is the list (Salary of B.ed Teacher) Monthly

  • High School Teacher (27000/-)
  • Primary School Teacher (24000/-)
  • Head/Principal Teacher(20000/-)
  • Science Teacher(24,000 to 35,000)
  • Mathematics Teacher(24,000 to 35,000)
  • English Teacher(24,000 to 35,000)
  • PET Teacher(24,000 to 35,000)
  • Computer Teacher(18,000 to 25,000)
  • History Teacher(21,000 to 25,000)
  • Geography Teacher(19,450 to 25,453)
  • Language Teacher(24,000 to 32,000)
  • Physic Teacher(21,000 to 27,201)
  • Biology Teacher(24,000 to 28,000)
  • Music Teacher(16,000 to 19,000)
These figures may change state to state to go through some official website where you can get all the details about the salary of school teachers.

The career in Bachler of Education (B.ed)

B.ed is a respectable job in our society. Pursue B.ed, If you are passionate about teaching having good content knowledge of respective subjects. Teaching is a noble job in our society. A teacher is not just a teacher he/she is a role model for the pupils. Before going to a noble profession like teaching students to need to pass several examinations or steps in order to get the job. 

If a student completed graduation that means he/she is allowed for B.ed(up to 8th class), if a student completed post-graduation that means he/she is able for PGT post(Senior classes). 

Is there any government job after the B.ed course?
I would rather say in this way that nobody giving you the government jobs unless you are not completed the minimum requirement like entrance test etc. It is not sure whether you going to get a job after the B.ed course. 

A lot of things to do after completed the B.ed courses like preparation for different examinations like CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) or TET (Teacher Eligibility Test). Thus you need to apply to different private as well as a government school in order to get a job. I would suggest you upload your resume to different online sites like Naukri.Com

After completing the B.ed course, a lot of scopes to get jobs in government as well as private like public school, private school, etc. 

After completing the B.ed course, you can also go for an M.ED course or M.phil or Ph.D. 

The scope of B.ed in India

  • Teacher (Private/Government)
  • Tuition Teacher
  • Education consultancy 
  • Syllabus designer
  • Freelancing
  • Writer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Educational Administrator
  • Principal
  • Private tutor
  • Coaching Centre 

8 Best Jobs Portals You Must Check out (India)

8 Best Jobs Portals You Must Check out (India)

Today everything is online starting for eating to sleeping. You need to take advantage of the resources that you have in your surroundings. I would suggest you go through some of the reputed job websites and make a good resume and upload it to the different sites. I know it sounds a little tricky but it is good for you. After submitting your resume to different sites you will get calls from the recruiter.

  1. Theindianjobs.com
  2. Naukri.com
  3. Monster.com
  4. Timejobs.Com
  5. NaukriHub.Com
  6. CareerJet.Com
  7. Careerage.Com
  8. ClickJobs.Com
  9. Freshworld.Com
  10. Indeed.Com

Books and Study Materials for B.ed Course


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